Green and Digital:
at odds or in sync?

The ‘twin transition’ of digital and sustainability is shaping economic and political priorities. Can we have both?

Wed | Apr 26 |



Wed April 26 2023 15:00:00 GMT+0200





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About this Webinar

All across the world, countries are striving for the joint prize of a green, sustainable economy and digitally-enabled prosperity and growth. In Europe this ‘twin transition’ is shaping economic and political priorities. Digitalisation and sustainability can both bring stability and opportunities, and together programmes like smart energy grids can deliver jobs, efficiency and eventually better prices for consumers. But our climate systems need to be fixed on a global scale and here, the two ambitions don’t always align. As digital technology gets ever more advanced it becomes more energy intensive. Zero carbon data centres are emerging but as more people come online the demand for processing data and carrying out secure transactions is accelerating.

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Meet the Speakers

Ilias Iakovidis

Adviser DG CONNECT, European Commission

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Anju Mangal

Head of Asia-Pacific at Global Digital Inclusion Partnership

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Fieke Jansen

Critical Infrastructure Lab, University of Amsterdam

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Jake Oster

Director, Energy and Environment Policy, EMEA at Amazon Web Services

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Webinar Topics


Under Pressure - How much more inflation can consumers and markets take?


Disinformation overload: can we redesign online information flows?


Enforcement Futures: unlocking cross border consumer power?


The influencer economy: is the social media salesforce taking over?


Network access fees: fair share or the end of the open internet?


Network access fees: fair share or the end of the open internet? | wrap-up